Xur Agent of the Nine.jpg
Title Agent of the Nine
Species Unknown
Gender Male
Appearances Destiny

Xur is a character and vendor that appears in Destiny who can be found at random locations at the Tower between Friday Morning and Saturday Evening. He sells random Exotic Weapons and Armor, Consumables that allow Guardians to gain weapon skills faster, and Sparrow upgrades, all of which he trades in exchange for a mysterious currency called Strange Coin. He also exchanges Exotic Engrams for Motes of Light.

[edit] Personality

Cryptic and shady, Xur has many of the forbidden and fabled items that Guardians covet for their personal collection. What methods he employed to obtain these goods is best left unasked, if only for the sake of your own good conscience.

How Xur manages to come and go within the Tower is also a mystery, prompting some to wonder if he has some arrangement with one of the Vanguard or the Speaker himself. It could simply be that no one has been able to stop him. Strange Coins are what Xur desires most. Don't bother asking him what they are or what he intends to do with them as he will not provide you with any answer that results in clarity.

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