Warlock-class Guardian using Voidwalkers's Super Ability; Nova Bomb.
Voidwalker is a subclass available to the Warlock class in Destiny.

Those who have stared into the Void are not bound by the laws of space and time.
- In-game description

The Super Ability for Voidwalker is Nova Bomb, a large area-of-effect attack devastating anything caught in it's blast radius. There are more abilities available in this subclass, and has been described by Bungie as a "glass canon" subclass, focusing more on offensive and very little investment in defensive abilities.

[edit] Abilities

Vortex Grenade Glide Nova Bomb Energy Drain Arcane Wisdom Vortex Mastery Ancestral Order Angry Magic
Scatter Grenade Focused Control Vortex Surge Arcane Spirit Bent Gravity Chaos Order Embrace the Void
Axion Bolt Focused Burst Shatter Life Steal Arcane Force The Hunger Divine Order Bloom
Blink Lance Soul Rip
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