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The Vex are a bipedal race of humanoids that live on the planet Venus in which exists their stronghold, called the Citadel.

The first arrived in the Sol System by warping in via the use of warp gates from a different time and place. While most of their bodied are comprised of various metallic components, there are hints of biologically organic material. Their body structures also seem to vary in size, from humanoid, to creature-shaped and sometimes a mix of the two, but most of the forms tend to have long, claw-like fingers.

Shooting these creatures in the head will produce little effect. Their main weakness lies in thier power core located at the abdomen.


[edit] Classes

[edit] Goblin

Main Article: Goblin

The lowest rank in the Vex army, they attack in groups known as "swarms".

[edit] Hobgoblin

Main Article: Hobgoblin

Are a class of Vex, they are larger than the Goblins and have tails.

[edit] Minotaur

Main Article: Minotaur

Large, broad machines that glare at enemies with three large mechanical glowing eyes.

[edit] Hydra

Main Article: Hydra

Appear as mechanical centipedes. They hover in the air compartmentalized with each segment bearing its own turret.

[edit] Harpy

Main Article: Harpy

Quickly and deftly fly in and out of the battle field. In the rare moments they stop, they open their chests to reveal a writhing mass of filaments before commencing fire.

[edit] Reveal

During the reveal of Destiny, they were described simply as "Time Traveling Robots". Then later during the Mail Sack on March 2, 2013 they were said to have a "fascinating" fiction behind them "which, in turn, creates one of the coolest deaths in the game". During the GDC 2013 Bungie Panel, they revealed that the death of a Vex appears as a beam of light shooting out of the Vex's mouth. This is to evoke a feeling of their dying soul being "ripped out of its body."

[edit] Gallery

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