Venus Orbital.jpg
Position Sol, II
Diameter 12,100 km
Gravity .904 G
Day Length 5,832 hours
Year Length 243 days
Population Golden Age: unknown
Post-Collapse: unknown
Inhabitants Vex

Venus, considered the twin planet of Earth, is the second planet from the Sun and an explorable location in Destiny.


[edit] Geography and Climate

Venus is described as having a rocky surface with a close similarity in size and mass to it's neighboring planet Earth. Within this planet is, speculatively, a race of robotic humanoids called The Vex and located on it's surface is The Citadel. However neither the inhabitants nor the true location of The Citadel have been confirmed.

It is known as the hottest planet in the solar system with 80% of it's land covered in volcanic plains, however the atmosphere has been terraformed by the inhabitants of the planet to allow for a more humid climate, creating havens of forests and jungles.

[edit] Locations

Below is a list of locations on the planet Venus:

[edit] Gallery

[edit] References

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