"To rend one's enemies is to see them not as equals, but objects—hollow of spirit and meaning." - 13th Understanding, 7th Book of Sorrow"
Class Exotic
Type Hand Cannon
Slot Primary Weapons
Damage 260 - 331
Magazine 9
Impact 68
Range 38
Reload 43
Stability 41

Thorn is a Hand Cannon weapon that appears in Destiny. It is one of the rewards for completing the "Charlemagne's Vault" mission.[1] Thorn is also one of the few hand cannons in the game that is also Exotic. Along with this, it is also one of the few Exotic Bounties given by Xander 99-40. Thorn is an onyx-colored pistol-like hand cannon that glows when it is ready to fire. While it appears to be based on a real life pistol, this has yet to be confirmed as the source of it's inspiration.[1]


[edit] Upgrades

Upgrade Description
Accurized Bullets More range and impact. Increased recoil.
 » Field Choke More range and impact. Increased recoil.
 » Aggressive Ballistics Greatly reduced recoil. Significant penalty to range.
Final Round The last round in a magazine deals bonus damage.
Snapshot Amining this weapon is incredibly fast.
 » Send it Increase Range and Accuracy..
 » Perfect Balance This weapon has extremely low recoil.
Mark of the Devourer Rounds pierce targets and cause lingering damage over time.
Upgrade Damage Increases Attack Power, allowing this weapon to cause more damage. (There are 5 instances of this on Thorn)
» denotes upgrade of the upgrade above it.

[edit] Gameplay

"Jason finds a new shotgun – perfect for his close-quarters combat style. I find a rare hand cannon that looks like it was carved from the dark heart of one of the Cracked Moons of Saturn. It feels good in my hand, and glows like starlight when I prime its magazine.

I am instantly and totally in love."
- Joe Staten, Bungie Mail Stack

[edit] Trivia

  • The Thorn is considered the 'yang' of the Destiny universe. It's binary opposite, the 'ying' is known as Last Word.[3]

[edit] Gallery

[edit] References

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