The Traveler

The Traveler in low orbit above The City
The Traveler is a large, myterious entity that floats over the surface of Earth. Its origins or nature is shrouded in mystery, unknown whether it is a spacecraft, a moon, or even a God[1]. It remains motionless and crippled above the last City of humanity, protecting them against the horde of alien races such as Cabal and Fallen, who wanted to eradicate the last of them, by shielding them from incoming attacks. To further aid the defense of the city, it grants citizens called Guardians with mysterious abilities to help in the fight.[2]


[edit] History

A few years from today, our present, this alien intelligence, the Traveler, came to Earth, It is unknown if the Traveler was a ship, or a god, or a moon, but it arrived settled on Mars where it began to share its amazing technology with Humans, and a city grew up around it. It started what is now called The Golden Age, and humanity spread throughout the solar system, human lifespan tripled, and they terraformed planets. However, the traveler had enemies and when that enemy caught up with it at Earth, an enemy that’d been chasing it for millennia across the galaxy, a horrible battle happened. Nothing is remembered about the ensuing battle but it became what is now known as The Collapse.[3][1] Humanity shrunk back after this battle against the ancient enemy of the Traveler, where the Traveler itself was crippled and fell silent above Earth. Humanity was driven back to one spot underneath the Traveler and built the City. The City where the guardians hail from from, who burden themselves with the quest to drive back the Darkness and wake the Traveler.[1][4]

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