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Moon Orbital.jpg
Position Sol, Earth
Diameter 3474.20 km
Gravity .165 G
Day Length 29 days, 12 hours, and 44 mminutes
Population Golden Age: unknown
Post-Collapse: unknown
Natives Human
Inhabitants Hive

The Moon is a planet that appears in Destiny. It orbits around the planet Earth. The surface is littered with the remains of the Human colonization that occured before the Collapse.

Since humanities retreat from the planet, the Hive have become a more prevailent presence posing a threat to all and any visitors. [2]


[edit] Locations

Akin to many other planets that appear in Destiny, the Moon is home to ruins of ancient and since lost civilizations that once occupied its surface, below is a list of these locations:

[edit] Inhabitants

The Moon is no longer a place for the Human race, it has become increasingly hostile since the events of the Collapse. The Hive, an ancient race that have been living under the surface of the Moon, are starting to become a lot more active. Human buildings that were during the Golden Age, such as the Accelerator and Moonbase have long since been left and have since become dilapidated.

[edit] History

Since the Collapse, colonization has been attempted on the Moon in attempts to retake the land, however it has been proved to be too dangerous and has since been classified as a Forbidden Zone. [4] The forces of the Hive have infested Earth's moon, and pieces of the surface have cracked and broken off into space. The moon once housed a thriving human colony of interconnected bases, but now only broken domes and scattered spaces suits half-buried in the lunar soil mark humanity's faded dominance. An iconic view of the looming Earth hangs in the skybox, but guardians would be wise to keep their eyes closer to the ground. A massive hellmouth gapes open where the Hive have begun their dig, and sprawling networks of caves and fortified strongpoints wait inside. On the surface of the Moon, forgotten treasure hide in the dust. [5] Human settlements such as the Moonbase, the Hellmouth, and the Accelerator have all since been abandoned after the events of the Collapse.[6]

[edit] Design

The Moon was designed with the idea in mind that players should be asking themselves when exploring the planet questions such as "what is the Hellmouth?", "why is there an alien race here?", and "what happened to the colony and its settlers?". Lead Environment Artist Sam Jones said the problems with creating an environment such as the Moon is it has a lack of color, depth, and terrain as opposed to planets such as Mars.[7]

[edit] Gallery

[edit] References

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