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Home Unknown
Earth, Moon, and Europa (current)
Skin Color Grey
Height 1.83 meters (6.0ft)
Weight Unknown
Designation Sentient
Key Features Four arms
Spider-like faces
Appearances Destiny (debut)

The Fallen are one of the primary antagonistic races that appear in Destiny. More well known as the Spider Pirates, The Fallen are a nomadic race of four-armed, bipedal humanoids that founded their home on Earth and the Moon.[1][2]


[edit] Physiology

The Fallen fallen are an agile, six-limbed bipedal race with four arms and two legs. They can typically be seen donning helmets which are attached to a respirator device. [3] Their morphology allows them to scale tall buildings with ease.[4]

When the Fallen are killed, their soul can be seen leaving their body.[5]

[edit] Technology

The Fallen's understanding of technology is complex and highly evolved often seen to be donning highly advanced weaponry and armor. Their technology allows for easy and quick space travel.

[edit] Armament

  • Shock Blades
  • Shock Rifles
  • Wire Rifles
  • Shock Pistols
  • Shock Daggers
  • Shrapnel Launchers
  • Shock Grenades

[edit] Vehicles

[edit] Robots

[edit] Uncategorized

[edit] Geography

While the Fallen like to make their homes in abandoned buildings on Earth, the Moon, and throughout Europa, they oft call their ships in which they travel the galaxy their homes.

[edit] Noble Houses

The Fallen are a highly sophisticated nomadic race and as such have an established hierarchy with distinguished Houses of Nobility that are as hostile to one another as they are to the Human race.

[edit] Known Houses

[edit] Ranks

In battle, each squadron of Fallen will be led by a Captain who can be recognized by their red cloaks. During open conflict, they will deploy drones for support.

[edit] Dreg

Main Article: Dreg

The lowest rank in the Fallen army. They are often recruited as thieves and criminals that are driven by their blood lust, desperation, and rage. While one of the more stealth orientated members of the squad, more often than not they are discovered due to their clattering and hissing. Dregs are equipped with Shock Daggers that are able to deal Arc damage to their opponents and Shock Pistols. They are identifiable from their superior ranks due to having two arms as opposed to the four of the other Fallen. [6][7]

[edit] Feral Dreg

Main Article: Feral Dreg

[edit] Vandal

Main Article: Vandal

Vandals are higher than the Dregs. They use weapons capable of firing long ranges and with more power, such as the Shock Rifle and Wire Rifle. The downfall of these weapons however is the requirement for a long recharge period.[8]

[edit] Elder Vandal

Main Article: Elder Vandal

[edit] Stealth Vandal

Main Article: Stealth Vandal

[edit] Stealth Elite Vandal

Main Article: Stealth Elite Vandal

[edit] Captain

Main Article: Captain

Captains are the highest rank in the Fallen battlefield squad. They can be distinguished by their heavily armored body, their four arms, and cape. Their weapons include Shock Rifles, Shrapnel Launchers, and Shock Blades. They consider themselves above the Human race, seeing them as subservient. [9][10]

[edit] Elder Captain

Main Article: Elder Captain

[edit] Noble Captain

Main Article: Noble Captain

[edit] Notable Individuals

[edit] Rixis, Archon Slayer

Main Article: Rixis, Archon Slayer

Rixis is capable of jumping and on landing sending out a shock wave capable of dealing substantial damage. His jumps are powerful enough to kill a Guardian. He also utilizes a Shrapnel Launcher that fires incendiary ammo, causing Solar damage.[11] He is also agile and able to move quickly. He is also the leader of the House of Devils.

[edit] Naksis, Devil Baron

Main Article: Naksis, Devil Baron

[edit] Loksis, Devil Claw

Main Article: Loksis, Devil Claw

[edit] Aksor, Archon Priest

Main Article: Aksor, Archon Priest

[edit] Sepiks Prime

Main Article: Sepiks Prime

[edit] Language

Fallen Alphabet
The Fallen have their own distinct language comprised of an alien alphabet. These include the English letters A - Z as well as specific letter combinations.[12][13]

[edit] Gallery

[edit] References

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