Warlock-class Guardian using the Sunsinger Super Ability; Radiance.
There are some flames that even the Darkness cannot extinguish.
- In-game description

Sunsinger is a level 15 subclass available to the Warlock class in Destiny

The Super Ability available in this subclass is Radiance. Sunsinger has been described by Bungie as a team-orientated and support based subclass that includes abilities of area control and blocking pathways to stop enemies from getting too close.

[edit] Abilities

Solar Grenade Glide Radiance Scorch Arcane Wisdom Radiant Will Ancestral Order Touch of Flame
Firebolt Grenade Focused Control Song of Flame Flame Shield Arcane Spirit Viking Funeral Chaos Order Angel of Light
Fusion Grenade Focused Burst Radiant Skin Solar Wind Arcane Force Sunburst Divine Order Gift of the Sun
Balanced Glide Fireborn Brimstone

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