The Warlock-class Guardian using Nova Bomb; a Super Ability of the Voidwalker subclass
Subclass is a Player Class-specific set of upgradeable abilities and characteristics that are upgradeable and interchangeable available to the Guardians in Destiny.

[edit] Overview

Subclasses are the primary method in which players can upgrade and improve their Guardian characters in Destiny. Each Subclass has a set number of abilities and characteristics associated with it including grenade types, movement abilities, passive abilities and upgrades to other abilities. These include:

Each subclass is class specific, which can later be switched at will by the player no matter the amount of skills accumulated. Just Weapons and Armor, Subclass can be upgraded with the use of EXP which allows for them to be customized and upgraded to the whim of the player. The subclass can be upgraded from levels 1 through to 20 and the ability tree selected with directly effect the upgrades and abilities available as you level up the subclass. Experimentation with Subclass is essential and some subclasses may be specifically useful under certain circumstances.

While some subclasses may boost the effectiveness of some weapons and armor pieces, specific sets are not required for the use of the subclasses in question.

[edit] Subclasses

Subclass Class Super Ability
Voidwalker Warlock Nova Bomb
Firesinger Warlock Radiance
Order of the Sun Warlock Unknown
Order of the Void Warlock Unknown
Gunslinger Hunter Ghost Gun
Edgewalker Hunter Unknown
Striker Codex Titan Unknown
Defender Codex Titan Unknown

[edit] Design and Inspiration

The idea for subclasses came about from the developers wanting players to become attached to their characters not grow bored of being stuck with the same character because of choices made earlier in the game, and for a character to be equally as effective in single and multiplayer games, as well as to allow for experimentation and individuality between players to identify which best suits their style of play or strategy. Additionally, the option to alter weapons and armor for subclass lends itself to create builds for specific situations.

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