Sinaa Jaguar 2.1 (Gauntlet)

Sinaa Jaguar 2.1
Sinaa Jaguar 2.1 (Gauntlet).png
Type Gauntlet
Class Uncommon
Guardian Class Hunter
Armor Set Sinaa Jaguar 2.1
Manufacturer Vanguard
Defense 33
Intellect +6
Dropped as Loot? Unknown
Vendor Cayde-6
Price 1 Warping Claw
The wire in these gloves has been tweaked to grow warm when your knife pierces enemy hide.

Sinaa Jaguar 2.1 (Gauntlet) is an Uncommon Hunter-class Gauntlet in Destiny, part of the Sinaa Jaguar 2.1 Armor Set. It can be purchased from the Hunter Vanguard, Cayde-6 in exchange for 1 Warping Claw.

[edit] Upgrades

Upgrade Description
Scout Rifle Loader Increased reload speed for Scout Rifles.

[edit] Recoloring

Sinaa Jaguar 2.1 (Gauntlet) has a Type 1 Coating which means it can be recolored using Version 1 or newer Shaders.

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