Rixis, Archon Slayer

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Location Old Russia
Species Fallen
Gender Male
Eye Color Orange
Skin Color Grey
Rank Boss
Weapons Heavy Machine Gun
Armor Heavy
Affiliation House of Devils
Appearances Destiny (debut)

The Archons are the links between the Fallen and their Servitors. We break those links, we break the Fallen.

Rixis is a boss that appears in Destiny. He is a Fallen member of the House of Devils that appears in Old Russia.

[edit] Offense

Rixis is capable of jumping and on landing sending out a shock wave capable of dealing substantial damage. In the E3 2013 gameplay demo is was powerful enough to kill a Guardian. He also utilizes guns that fire incendiary ammo from a shotgun. He is also agile and able to move quickly.

[edit] Defense

Rixis appears to be vulnerable to headshots and explosive weapons, however other weak spots on his armor are unknown.

[edit] Drops

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