Old Russia

"They say this was where mankind first reached beyond the confines of Earth. Whatever promise this place once offered is long gone—now it just holds the bones of that long-forgotten time."

- Area Description
Old Russia
Old Russia 2.jpg
Planet Earth
Owner Fallen
Old Russia is a Location on the Planet Earth in Destiny. Based on the real life location of Kazakhstan[1] it was a human colony during the Golden Age and has fallen into disrepair and alien infestation since the Collapse.

The Wall that encompasses the city is crawling with the alien lifeforms called Fallen who belong to the House of Devils, lead by Rixis, Archon Slayer who guards the Wall from anyone who wishes to take - or reclaim - it from him.[2]

Old Russia is one of the first locations that the Guardians visit in the game, searching through the Cosmodome and Wall in particular - which, due to its real life geography - is based on the launch site for the Russian Space Program. The Cosmodome is a vital link back to humanities Golden Age. The area is littered with colony ships on the launch pad during the cataclysmic Collapse. Orange, burnt grass steppes and dimly lit interiors of old buildings are a magnet for invading Fallen Soldiers.[3]

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