Home The City, Earth
Species Exo
Gender Female
Political & Military
Affilation Future War Cult
Voice Actor Shohreh Aghdashloo
Appearances Destiny

Lakshmi-2 is Vendor in Destiny. She is a female Exo inside The Tower who is a representative of the Future War Cult. She will sell Guardians FWC-branded armor, weapons and emblems which can used in multiplayer gamemodes in the Crucible.

Lakshmi-2 has been around since as early as the Dark Ages, before the construction of the City. She was active around the time that the House of Devils destroyed London.

[edit] Personality

Lakshmi-2 is proud of the feats accomplished by her faction, the Future War Cult and will talk at great length about her personal glories and those of her faction. She is, however, adamant not to share information that reveals the inner workings of the FWC. She challenges the perception of Dead Orbit concerning the battle with the Darkness, viewing it as an inevitable conflict as opposed to one that can be avoided. She is also vocal in voicing her inner monologue where she ponders about time, fate, and the existence of alternate realities, specifically those free of war and strife.

[edit] Quotes

"What if there were a single timeline untouched by war, would you have any idea how to live in it?"

"What if there were a better timeline somewhere? What have you done to earn it?"

"A single light in an infinity of darkness. Like the last signal flare before the wars are overrun."

"You think I'd let you into the Inner Circle if you stand there long enough? Hahahaha... I might."

"Even the stars struggle! From the black holes of their bodies, new timelines are born. Born into strife."

"So; I can tell by the way you stare at me you've seen her. Haven't you?"

"We keep our mysteries close. Take them from us if you can."

"Another war story? I could tell you about Tranquility, and the Hive?"

"Oh, I never run out of war stories, friends. Have you heard of the Dust Devils?"

"Don't think I'll give up our secrets just because you stare at me."

"The Inner Circle has its secrets. Maybe in time."

"A trillion timelines, and all at war. Like a thousand red flowers growing in a black garden."

"What if you could learn to love your fate?"

"Dead Orbit can run to the ends of the universe, but a war will be there waiting for them."

"War is our fate. Can you learn to love it?"

"She will find it, Guardian. And when she does, we'll be there."

"Another war story? Well, I could tell you about the Knights that Darkness overrun in Mumbai."

"You think the Guardians can carry the fight alone? You think you have the right to be weak?"

"Know the only truth is war, Guardian. You'll always be needed."

"I could tell you another. I could tell you about the siege of Tycho."

"Paradox is just a word that stupid people use to hide from the truth."

"I walked during the dark times. A thousand Kings rose and fell then."

"An infinity of timelines. If one timeline in a trillion knows peace, how could you ever hope to find it?"

"Dead Orbit just misdiagnosed the problem. It's not a matter of distance, but of time."

"And in each new world, a new birth of time. And as always the seas of war will be there too."

"Another war story? I was there when the House of Devils burned London."

"What if on some dreadful night, the Darkness were to come creeping up to you and whisper 'This war, is all there is for you."

"Exos are always especially welcome."

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