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Humans are the native species to inhabit Earth and one the the player races in Destiny. Notably being part in the formation of the Guardians of the City.

[edit] History

Before the events that transpire in Destiny, humanity witnessed a significant leap forward in their own technological advancement which led to an era in Human history known as the Golden Age. During this age where the natives of Earth developed their technology at an astounding rate, they traveled and colonized the expanse of the Sol System, building and maintaining territories, armies, and supply links. The Golden Age was short lived, however, and collapsed in on itself during an event known as "the Collapse". Humanity was attacked by alien species, decimating their own and bringing them to the brink of extinction. The remains of the human race were saved by an entity only known as The Traveler, a sphere of awesome size and mystical power, which sacrificed itself to stop the invading armies. After the Traveler's sacrifice, Humanity sought to reclaim the areas it has lost, and built a City beneath the corpse of the entity that saved them.

[edit] Technology

During the Golden Age, Humanity has developed their technological skill to an extremely high and complex standard. An example of how far it had developed is that interplanetary travel was both frequent and quick throughout the solar system.

After the Collapse, Humanity was able to reclaim, albeit at a much lesser extent, much of their technical prowess from before. The Guardians of the city are able to use the power from the Traveler through a method currently unknown. The Guardian sect is divided into the three distinct classes; Titan, Hunter, and Warlock, each class with their own abilities. As their name suggests, their primary responsibility is the guardianship is the City and the remnants of Humanity.

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