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The Hive are creatures that were encountered by the Human race during their Golden Age. They are an ancient race of bi-pedal humanoids with no visible eyes that travel through space in sarcophagus-like ships. they build their homes deep under the surface of the planet they are inhabiting and create themselves large cavernous spaces interconnected by a series of tunnels supported by gothic inspired pillars.

When they are killed they turn into embers and ash. At the time of the events in Destiny, the Hive have made their home under the surface of the Moon.


[edit] Physiology

The appearance of The Hive is varies between the castes but they are typically pale, appearing ashen white on most of their body, skeletal, and scrawny. All variants of the Hive appear to have no visible eyes, however there is a variant that has three glowing patterns in the middle of their that resemble eyes.

[edit] Ranks

[edit] Thrall

Main Article: Thrall

The lowest rank in the Hive army and compose the majority of their attack power. They are distinctive from the other Hive with their lack of visible eyes and scrawny, skeletal figure. They use the sharp claws on their hands as their primary means of attack. Thralls move quickly and in large numbers to overpower their enemy.

[edit] Trooper

Main Article: Trooper

One of the main attack forces in the army, they used ranged weapons.

[edit] Knight

Main Article: Knight

Intelligent members of the Hive, they use firearms and strategy to overcome their enemies, coordinating other Hive members. Unlike lesser ranks of Hive such as Thralls, the Knights have a sense of sense preservation and ultimately seek cover if receiving incoming fire from enemies.

[edit] Wizard

Main Article: Wizard

They hover around the battlefield wearing tattered cloaks and drawing on the power of Darkness to cast spells and fuel their power.

[edit] Ogre

Main Article: Ogre

Giant castes of the Hive army. They can often be found in the depths of the nest and pride themselves on their strength and brutality, using powerful melee weapons to overcome enemies.

[edit] Character Design

During the Bungie panel at GDC 2013 they revealed their the core design concept behind the race was to "capture a feeling of undead royalty".

Until their official unveiling in March 2013, they were colloquially known by fans as "Space Zombies".

[edit] Notable Members

[edit] Phogoth

Main Article: Phogoth

[edit] Gotra the Silent

Main Article: Gotra the Silent

Gotra the Silent is a Hive Wizard in Destiny. Currently nothing else is known about him.

[edit] Gallery

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