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[edit] What is a Featured Article?

These are articles that we believe, as a wiki editing team, deserve a little time in the lime light. Generally speaking these are pages that are above a certain amount of bytes and are hosted in the Long Pages page. However due to the circumstances that this is still a growing and fetal wiki, a spotlighted page is one of which is a high standard.

[edit] How Often Are They Changed?

Quite simply it is changed whenever an article becomes of a standard where it can be considered to contend for the place of spotlighted page. Some pages have been known to be featured for months at a time.

[edit] How Can I Recognize a Spotlighted Page?

There are two ways on this wiki that you, as a contributor or reader, can identify a Spotlighted page by. The first, and most obvious, one is by looking under the "Featured Article" section on the Main Page. There you shall see an image, a brief piece of information and a link to the original article. The second will be a bookmark icon () that will be to the right of the page title on the featured article. Clicking on the icon will link you back to this page.

[edit] How Do I Know If A Page Has Already Been A Spotlighted Page?

The only way you can tell that is by looking at the list at the bottom of this page every time a new spotlighted page is made and added to the main page.

[edit] Can I Nominate an Article More Than Once?

The simple answer to that is, yes. This is because an article can be altered or updated to the standard considered to be high enough for it to be featured. This can often be after the release of a new game or more information has become available.

[edit] Featured Pages Past & Present