The Guardian Classes; Hunter, Warlock, and Titan
The Guardians are the are tasked with the protection of the last Human city on Earth in Destiny and act as the last stand for humanity in the fight against Alien species colonizing on Earth. Equipped with advanced weaponry and powers embued by the mysterious Traveler[1], the Guardians have begun traveling the solar system with the use of Personal Spaceships, these ships vary in size, color, and firepower and can be modified to suit specific purposes. Along with other missions, a primary purpose of the Guardians is to fight the malicious alien races that have inhabited the planets Humanity once colonized and begin reclaiming land that has been lost to them.

There are three classes of guardians; the Hunter, who is clad in both cloth and armor and uses swiftness, stealth, and accuracy to take down the alien plight. The Warlock, who are the most adept in utilizing the power of the Traveler don garments primarily made from cloth and use their abilities with pride. Lastly, The Titans are covered mostly in armor, carry heavy duty guns, and are capable of taking large amounts of damage.[2] Each of these Guardians can include members of the Human, Exo, and Awoken race, and can be either male or female in gender.

The Guardians are able to join one of many Factions that exist on Earth, but the mechanics of how this works has not yet been revealed. They are also accompanied by a small robot known as a Ghost.

Each Guardian is measured with four statistical values; Energy, Shields, Discipline, and Agility.[3]

[edit] Trivia

  • During the weeks following the reveal of Destiny, an early leak indicated the Guardians were originally called "Knights", however the reason for why this change happened is unknown.

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[edit] References

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