Grips of No Tomorrow

Grips of No Tomorrow
Grips of No Tomorrow.png
Type Gauntlet
Class Legendary
Guardian Class Hunter
Min. Level 20
Crucible Rank 1
Armor Set No Tomorrow
Manufacturer Future War Cult
Defense 229
Light +18
Intellect +29
Discipline +31
Dropped as Loot? No
Vendor Lakshmi-2
Price 65 Crucible Marks
Accept war as a fundamental process, not a transient condition.

Grips of No Tomorrow are a piece of Legendary Hunter-class Gauntlets in Destiny, part of the No Tomorrow Armor Set. It can be purchased from the representative of the Future War Cult in the Tower, Lakshmi-2.

[edit] Upgrades

Upgrade Description
Energize Increases armor defense rating but locks in all previous choices.
Hand Cannon Loader Increases reload speed for Hand Cannons.
Melee Recharge Grenade hits restore melee energy.
Upgrade Increases armor defense rating.

[edit] Recoloring

Grips of No Tomorrow use Type 1 Coating which can be recolored using Version 1 or newer Shaders

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