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A list of Place entries found in the Grimoire.


[edit] Earth

[edit] Ghost Fragment: Earth

[edit] The City

[edit] The City

[edit] The Tower

[edit] The Golden Age

[edit] The Dark Age

[edit] Ghost Fragment: The Dark Age

"No one knew what had happened to the Traveler. No one understood what had happened to the world. But they heard the whispered call."

- Card Blurb

They came from the wild lands, gathering in secret enclaves, slipping through the howling ruins of shattered cities, hoping to find the coast, find a ship, pick up the trail of an impossible dream. From the deep black came the Awoken, their eyes haunted. Exo marched in the refugee columns, cloaked in moss and shattered memories. And among them came the Ghosts, beginning their search. It was a time of vast suffering and terrible evil. But there was hope, a promise of refuge beneath the Traveler.

[edit] The City Age

[edit] Ghost Fragment: The City Age

[edit] Jupiter

[edit] Ghost Fragment: Jupiter

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