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A list of Inventory entries found in the Grimoire.


[edit] Primary Weapons

[edit] Auto Rifles

[edit] Pulse Rifles

[edit] Scout Rifles

[edit] Hand Cannons

[edit] Ghost Fragment: The Last Word

[edit] Special Weapons

[edit] Shotguns

[edit] Fusion Rifles

[edit] Sniper Rifles

[edit] Heavy Weapons

[edit] Rocket Launchers

[edit] Machine Guns

[edit] Damage Types

[edit] Arc

[edit] Thermal

[edit] Void

[edit] Guardian Vehicles

[edit] Guardian Ships

[edit] Sparrow

[edit] Economy

[edit] Glimmer

[edit] Vanguard Marks

[edit] Crucible Marks

[edit] Upgrade Materials

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