Golden Age

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The Golden Age refers to a bygone age in the history of the Human race that was prosperous. It is unknown when it began or how long it lasted, even the events surrounding its end are vague and enigmatic, all that is known that an entity called the Darkness came, in pursuit of the Traveler, and in doing so attacked various human colonies on planets within the Sol System, forcing them back to their home world on Earth. The Traveler in its final confrontation with the Darkness, protecting what was left of humanity and in the process sacrificed itself for them. During the Golden Age humanity had spread across the solar system, colonizing and terra-forming planets such as Mars, the Moon, Venus and others using them as outposts for the human civilization. Technology expanded exponentially meaning they could travel farther than they had ever been able to previously, and protect themselves from viciously from the creatures that laid in wait.[1] The death of the Traveler ultimately resounded the end of the Golden Age. At the beginning of Destiny, roughly 700 years following the death of the traveler,[2] the events that transpired that led to the demise of the traveler and the end of the Golden Age have fallen into myth and fantasy; stories that parents tell to their children. What and whom exactly saved the remnants of the Human race is now nothing more than a legend.[3]

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