Fusion Rifle

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Fusion Rifles are a type of weapon that appear in Destiny. It is currently unknown if they will reside in the primary, secondary, special, or heavy weapon slot in the arsenal.

Fusion rifles' over-penetrating burst fire, incredible power, and advanced energy disbursement technology make them "a favorite of daring weapons collectors."[1]

[edit] Design and Inspiration

Fusion rifles are a new, emerging technology for Guardians, reverse-engineered from technology captured from hostile species.[1] Early fusion rifles were deemed inherently unstable and suffered from possibly faulty radiation shielding.[1] Modern fusion rifles such as the Conduit F3 solve this problem through a barrel configuration that "dampens the wattage use needed to power the inertial chamber".[1]

[edit] Fusion Rifles

Weapon Class
Conduit F3 None
Nox Cantor III Uncommon
Tengoku FR2a Basic

[edit] References

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