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Home Earth (presumed)
Role Guardian
Exo are a playable race in Destiny. They have been described by Bungie as sinister, tireless and powerful. Before the events of Destiny, they were robotic servants created by Humans.

[edit] Appearance

Though they possess metallic facial features that are clearly robotic, the form of their bodies are remarkably similar to that of Human Beings. Their "skin" is of a variety of colors and patterns, made of synthethic fibers. Their eyes glow brightly with inner light.

[edit] Characteristics

At some time during the Golden Age of Humaninty, the Exo's were created by Human beings to fight against a threat long forgotten with time. They are self-aware machines, designed to possess emotions and free-will equal to that of Humans. Though, why a war machine would be designed with such traits is a mystery. Many of the ancestors of the Exo race live and work amongst Humans in the Last City as civilians while others have been chosen by The Traveler to fight as Guardians.

[edit] Character Design

Bungie drew inspiration from Master Chief, Terminator and the undead.

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