Eclipse Maw VI (Leg Armor)

Eclipse Maw VI Leg Icon.png
Eclipse Maw VI
Eclipse Maw VI (Leg Armor).png
Type Leg Armor
Class Legendary
Guardian Class Warlock
Min. Level 20
Vanguard Rank 2
Armor Set Eclipse Maw VI
Manufacturer Vanguard
Defense 204
Light +18
Intellect +27
Discipline +27
Dropped as Loot? No
Vendor Ikora Rey
Price 65 Vanguard Marks
Do not let the simplicity of the word - Traveler - hide the obvious: to wander is to emulate it

Eclipse Maw VI (Leg Armor) is a piece of Legendary Warlock-class Leg Armor in Destiny, part of the Eclipse Maw VI Armor Set. It can be purchased from the Warlock Vanguard, Ikora Rey, in the Tower.

[edit] Upgrades

Upgrade Description
Pulse Rifle Ammo Increases the amount of Pulse Rifle ammunition the player can carry.
Seal Increases defense but locks in all previous choices.
Upgrade Increases this armor's defense.

[edit] Recoloring

Eclipse Maw VI (Leg Armor) has a Type 1 Coating which means it can be recolored using Version 1 or newer Shaders.

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