Eclipse Maw VI (Helmet)

Eclipse Maw VI
Eclipse Maw VI (Helmet).png
Type Helmet
Class Legendary
Guardian Class Warlock
Min. Level 20
Vanguard Rank 2
Armor Set Eclipse Maw VI
Manufacturer Vanguard
Defense 280
Light +18
Intellect +81
Dropped as Loot? No
Vendor Ikora Rey
Price 120 Vanguard Marks
If the Vex have secrets to offer, then I will learn them from the smoke of their ruin

Eclipse Maw VI (Helmet) is aLegendary Warlock-class Helmet in Destiny, part of the Eclipse Maw VI Armor Set. It can be purchased from the Warlock Vanguard, Ikora Rey, in the Tower.

[edit] Upgrades

Upgrade Description
Quintessence Transfer Replenish Super Ability energy when you kill an enemy with a grenade.
Seal Increases defense but locks in all previous choices.
Snap Discharge Increases melee attack speed.
Upgrade Increases this armor's defense.

[edit] Recoloring

Eclipse Maw VI (Helmet) has a Type 1 Coating which means it can be recolored using Version 1 or newer Shaders.

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