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The Devil Walker [1] is a large, six legged machine used by The Fallen in Destiny. Closely resembling a tank, the Devil Walker dons a large cannon based on its back as well as has having heavy armor. It has a very slow movement speed, however.


[edit] Gameplay

[edit] Offense

The Devil Walker is capable of shooting large, devastating explosives from its main cannon located on it's back once every few seconds. In addition to its main cannon, it also has two smaller weapons in its arsenal; a laser "plasma cannon" which fires a white beam of plasma every couple of seconds, and another plasma gun that fires short bursts of plasma energy.

While capable of movement, it does so very slowly. As such it tends to remain stationary and "turns in place" to locate and aim at hostiles during conflict.

They are deployed into the battlefield via Fallen Dropships flying at low-altitude [1] It is also capable of deployed Fallen Shanks.[2][3]

[edit] Vulnerabilities

The Devil Walker is clad in head armor, however several parts of its body seem to be susceptible to gun fire, particularly the joints of its mechanical legs which, if enough damage is dealt with gun fire of explosives, have the capacity to render it immobile for a short period of time.

The only way to completely destroy it, however, is to fire at it until it's armor located at the front falls off and reveals its engine, identifiable by it's glowing orange color - shooting at this engine can destroy the Devil Walker.[3]

[edit] Trivia

  • Due to its arachnid-like appearance, many fans have colloquially named the it the Spider Tank before it's official name was revealed.

[edit] Gallery

More images can be found in the Vehicles gallery.

[edit] References

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