Devil's Lair (strike)

Devil's Lair (strike) is for the strike mission in Destiny, if you're looking for the location of the same name see: Devil's Lair (location)

Guardians exploring the Ruins of Old Russia during the Devil's Lair strike mission
Devil's Lair is a Strike mission that appears in Destiny that takes place in the location of the same name. It is a replayable scenario that takes roughly 30 minutes to complete.

[edit] Description

Devil's Lair takes a fireteam of Guardians through areas of Old Russia such as Rocket Yard and Gateway, as well as Devil's Lair to battle the Fallen and Hive that have made their home there, who are also at the time fighting one another. Partway through the mission, the Guardians will encounter a "mesh generator" that is sealed and requires the use of Ghost to hack into it and drop the protective protocols in place - which takes several minutes. Whilst Ghost is deactivating the device, Guardians are continually attacked by the Fallen which climaxes with a fight with the level 6 Fallen Captain, Naksis, Devil Baron. Sometime later the Strike ends with a climatic battle with Septiks Prime.

[edit] Bosses

Known bosses for this strike mission include:

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