Destiny Multiplayer

Destiny Multiplayer is a game mode that will appear in Destiny, and will feature player modes where players across the globe can compete against one another. The online version of the game will feature different maps than the open world, single-player / co-op game [1]. It is unknown how many game modes will feature in the multiplayer, but it has been described by Lars Bakken do be "competitive multiplayer." [1] A confirmed list of modes currently includes:

The Comet expansions will be add-ons concerning the multiplayer released intermittently between the release of Destiny games. The game modes will not be available immediately in the game, and character progression in the main story will be essential in the success of multiplayer games. The guns and armor that people obtain in the main game will be transferable to the multiplayer game modes, however it has been discussed that measures are in place to avoid a weapon or piece of armor from being too powerful against other people.

[edit] References

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