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Cryptarch (short for "crypto-archaeologist") is the name given to individuals who study the properties of encoded matter, called Engrams. These individuals are capable of unlocking the coded matter inside an engram to generate armor, weapon or item pieces for Guardians for a fee. This process is known as "decoding." Certain engrams found might be protected which an encryption while will require Cryptarchs to reach a certain level before being able to decode the contents.

Master Rahool is a cryptarch who appears in Destiny and the primary individual sought by the Guardians to decode their engrams. He resides in the central plaza of the Tower.

[edit] Reputation

Cryptarch Reputation Screen.jpg
Reputation acts as a method to identify a Cryptarch's skill is decrypting, identifying and encoding engrams given to them by guardians. It can be increased each time they successfully decode an engram or whenever a guardian purchases an engram from them. The reputation gained is represented by a circular meter on the inventory screen. Each time the meter completely fills, the reputation level will increase by one. Increasing reputation with a Cryptarch is useful as Engrams may require a Cryptarch to be a higher level to decrypt it for the guardians. The higher the level, the greater the skill of the Cryptarch.

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