Crusader I

Crusader I
Crusader I.jpg
Class Legendary
Type Scout Rifle
Slot Primary Weapons
Damage 510
Magazine 13
Rate 180
[[Category:Scout Rifles]]
Executor-issued precision weapon for loyal supporters of the New Monarchy.
- In-game description

Crusader I is a Legendary Scout Rifle found in Destiny

[edit] Upgrades

Upgrade Description Cost
Outlaw Precision kills with this weapon dramatically increase reload speed.
Explosive Rounds Volatile payload explodes on impact, dealing a portion of the weapon's damage in an area.
Armor Piercing Rounds These iridium-core rounds overpenetrate targets. Their mass slows down weapon handling.
High Caliber Rounds Oversize rounds built to stagger enemies and leave them reeling. Their mass makes a weapon harder to handle.
Damage increase Increase this weapon's Attack. 1,459 G
Grenadier Kills with this weapon reduce the cooldown of your weapon.
Sureshot IS Snapshot sight. Excellent handling. Superb target acquisition.
Ranged Lens RLS3 Mid-range scope. Good effective range and recoil control. Heavy and slow.
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