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Crucible is a Player versus Player mode in Destiny. Items bought and obtained outside of the Crucible in other game modes may be brought inside, and items won and bought during Crucible matches can be outside in other game modes also.

All maps in the Crucible are independent of other, explorable areas in the game and nearly all playable game modes inside the Crucible will be playable on them. At the start of each match players begin with ammunition only for the Primary Weapon; throughout the game on each match other ammunition will become available. There are multiple special ammo chests and heavy ammo chests will appear, the latter take longer to recharge and appear less frequently than other chests in the Crucible. Each chest ammo obtain affects the player whom retrieved it as well as any allies that are nearby.


[edit] Game Modes

[edit] Control

Main Article: Control

In this mode, two teams of six Guardians must take control of three flags are are places around the map and hold those zones, preventing members of the opposing team from capturing them. Each player is assigned to either Team Alpha or Team Bravo before the start of the match. Points can be scored by teams by capturing flags and killing members of the other team.

[edit] Lockdown

Main Article: Lockdown

[edit] Skirmish

Main Article: Skirmish

[edit] Rumble

Main Article: Rumble

[edit] Team

Main Article: Team

[edit] List of Maps

Italic maps indicate Playstation 3 / 4 exclusives.

Crucible Maps
Blind WatchExodus BlueFirst LightRusted LandsShores of TimeTwilight Gap
Italic indicates Playstation 3 & 4 exclusives.

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