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While players can select from three different playable playable races, they can also choose from one of several classes in Destiny - these care called Player Classes. Each of these classes acts as one of the Guardians of the City and the final frontier for the advancement of the Human civilization. It is confirmed that at least three classes will be available at launch:


[edit] Class Differences

Each class will have available to them a set of abilities unique to each class, as well as a specific skill set catered to their style of combat. Below is a list of confirmed skills and abilities for each class:

[edit] Hunter

Main Article: Hunter
  • Ghost Gun: The Hunter's weapon is imbued with golden energy that increases the damage it deals.
  • Grenade Ability (name pending): The Hunter class is known to have a grenade ability that creates several red explosives which float & home in on nearby enemies.
  • Blink Ability (name pending): Hunter seemingly vanishes and appears again in a nearby location
  • Charge Ability (name pending): Hunter charges their knife with arcane energy from the Traveler, increasing damage dealt causing anyone cut to instantly vaporize.

[edit] Warlock

Main Article: Warlock
  • Solar Flare - Conjure the power of the sun and use it in a similar fashion to a hand grenade. Deals substantial area of effect (AoE) damage.
  • Nova Bomb - Gives the Warlock the ability to deal substantial AoE damage by channeling the more mysterious arts of the Traveler.
  • Glide - Enables elevation for the Warlock by control the surrounding forces.
  • Radiance - a sphere of energy that unleashes a barrage of energy bolts against several targets simultaneously.

[edit] Titan

Main Article: Titan

  • Fist of Havoc - a shockwave attack dealing area of effect damage.
  • Grenade Ability (name pending): throws a projectile explosive at an enemy.
  • Jump Ability (name pending): The Titan has demonstrated the ability to double-jump, increasing their jump height and distance with a quick burst.
  • Shield Ability (name pending): Titan is able to generate a shield to protect allies

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