The Cabal
Home Mars
Skin Color Grey
Height Unknown (tall)
Weight Unknown (heavy)
Designation Sentient
Appearances Destiny (debut)

The Cabal are one of the primary antagonistic races that appear in Destiny. Known colloquially as War Rhinos or Sand Eaters, they are a a hulking bipedal races of humanoids who have made their home on Mars. They are shown to be an organized, heavily militarized race that excels in organization, efficiency and corruption. Very few Guardians who have challenged the Cabal have lived to tell the tale, being crushed under their combined strength. On every front they have been found to have dug trenches and fortified their installations with razor wire. They have claimed the Mars' Exclusion Zone and the Dust Palace, using them both as a base of operations in which they can lead their army. Members of the Cabal are reknown for donning heavy armor and weapons. Evidence suggests their might is governed by one such in the position of Cabal Emperor.


[edit] Physiology

The Cabal are a large bipedal humanoid race with thick grey skin that reside primarily on their homeworld of Mars. They have flat noses, conical teeth, and small eyes - much like the appearance of Rhinos on Earth. The Fallen are shown to have sa certain affinity with Desert like terrain from living on Mars. Much like The Fallen, The Cabal have a complex understanding on technology as evidenced through their use of advanced armor, weapons, and space faring vehicles.

[edit] Exclusion Zone

Main Article: Mars' Exclusion Zone

The Cabal hold the current residency of the Exclusion Zone, an underground ruin of an ancient human civilization city that existed during the Golden Age. There are deposits of gold beneath the Dust Palace, which covers a large area of the ruined city.

[edit] Notable Individuals

[edit] Ranks

[edit] Legionnaire

Main Article: Legionnaire
The Legionnaire are speculated to be a class of the Mars dwelling Cabal species.

From their appearance in concept art trailers they display significant differences from other Cabal seen, often donning large heavy shields. Their name is stipulated to have come about due to their similarity to the Roman Legionnaires.
Legionnaires always fight in squads and - on occasion - fight beside Centurions who are also speculated to be another class of the Cabal.

[edit] Legionnaire

Main Article: Legionnaire

[edit] Phalanx

Main Article: Phalanx

[edit] Centurion

Main Article: Centurion

Centurions are another class that exist within the ranks of the Cabal. Currently nothing else is known about them.

[edit] Gladiator

Main Article: Gladiator
Gladiators are a class of Cabal warriors. They lead the battlefield with their immense size and devastating arsenal.

[edit] Psion

Main Article: Psion

Psions have the ability to use the power of their minds to fight enemies and pilot Cabal ships.

[edit] Flayer

Main Article: Psion Flayer

[edit] Technology

[edit] Weaponry

  • Rifle carbine
  • Grenade launcher
  • Chaingun
  • Tactical shield

[edit] Vehicles

[edit] Trivia

  • The term "Cabal" in the real world refers to a group of people with similar interests who group together to promote their private views of a church, state or other community usually by intrigue. However when a group is labelled as a Cabal it is usually with a negative connotation.
  • Many of the ranks within the Cabal faction are named after ranks from the Ancient Roman Republic, later, the Roman Empire. Ranks such as Gladiators, Legionary and Centurion are such examples of this.
    • While the rank of Gladiator was not a rank in the Roman Empire, it has become synonymous with the civilization.
  • While not confirmed, it is possible the Cabal and Fallen have formed an alliance, at least against humanity as concept art depicts them working with one another. However they have an altered appearance which could indicate outside influence.
  • Infrastructure from the Cabal is largely industrial, usually with images of smoke and oil seen leaking from their buildings and vehicles.

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