Species Exo
Gender Male
Political & Military
Affilation Guardians
Rank Gunsmith
Appearances Destiny
There are few weapons that Banshee-44 has not seen, and fewer still that he cannot fix.

Banshee-44 is a male Exo vendor and character that appears in Destiny, found inside the Tower. He will sell weapons and ammo synthesis items to Guardians.

[edit] Biography

Similar to other Exo, Banshee-44 has had his memory erased as to forget his former occupations, and likely not to be the first time in which this has been done to him. This may have happened in excess of 40 times to his own recollection. Despite his memory being recomputed multiple times he still has faint memories of his past. Following the activation of his current memory he made his way to The City and set up shop to sell ammo and weapons to guardians. During one of his lives he was a foot solider who was active for a time at the Twilight Gap.

[edit] Personality

Banshee-44 is outwardly a depressed individual, often lamenting about his loss of memory. However, despite his attitude is has been shown to have a dry sense of humor. Akin to every other NPC in the game, he refers to players by their Guardian class.

[edit] Quotes

"Looks like you had a rough night."

"That got the range you need, Hunter?"

"That gun belongs in an Exo's hands."

"Had these with us at Twilight Gap. Went pretty badly. Not the gun's fault."

"I'll remember you...maybe."

"Reef work, alright not bad. Too fancy. I can fix that."

"Shotty, as if I wouldn't notice. All my wipes, seen all the tricks."

"Late shipment again. Strikes, shortages, always some excuse."

"What was the name of that officer? Only I remember her, and so little. How her rifle jammed, then gone."

"The fires below us as we dropped on the coast."

"Are those teeth marks? Nasty."

"Wolk Howling, on the field where he fell. Never gets better for some."

"Told him it wouldn't stop Cabal. Some men never listen."

"What was her name. Fierce eyes, full of light. The hell was it."

"Nader aren't what they used to be. I remember the new guy's grandfather."

"Exo's don't dream he said. But what's dream, and what's memory? Just fix the gun Banshee."

"Very good. Must let Cassoid know this is adequate. But don't let it get to their heads."

"Of course I can. Forgotten more about guns than she's ever known."

"How many times has my system been wiped. 41, 42, 43?"

"All these lives on the line, and Daito wants more Glimmer. What goes through their heads down there."

"Best Exo I ever served under up and vanished one night. That's war."

"First time was incompetence, this time it's sabotage. Get to the bottom of this."

"Say what you like about the Cabal. They know guns."

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