Bad Juju

Bad Juju
"If you believe your weapon wants to end all existence, then so it will." - Toland the Shattered
Class Exotic
Type Pulse Rifles
Slot Primary Weapons
Damage 260 - 331
Magazine 24
Impact 7
Range 33
Reload 65
Stability 55

Bad Juju is a Pulse Rifle that appears in Destiny. It is obtained after completing the Toland's Legacy Exotic Bounty mission given by Xander 99-40. This weapons sports a unique ability in the fact that it never has to reload if the user has gotten a kill with it in the current magazine. This makes this weapon very versatile for various missions where many enemies with rush you all at once.


[edit] Upgrades

Upgrade Description
Full Auto This weapon can be fired in full auto mode.
Smooth Ballistics Less recoil. Penalty to Impact.
 » Soft Ballistics Less recoil. Penalty to Impact.
 » Smart Drift Control Predictable and controllable recoil. Penalty to range
Hip Fire This weapon has bonus accuracy while firing from the hip.
Armor Piercing Rounds These iridium-core rounds overpenetrate targets. Their mass slows down weapon handling.
 » Send it Increases Range and Accuracy.
 » Perfect Balance This weapon has extremely low recoil.
String of Curses This weapon reloads instantly and increases damage for a short time after each kill.
Upgrade Damage Increases Attack Power, allowing this weapon to cause more damage. (There are 5 instances of this on Bad Juju)
» denotes upgrade of the upgrade above it.

[edit] Gameplay

Bad Juju was once considered a poor Exotic Weapon given the fact that it was both a Pulse Rifle and could only shoot 5 bursts. It was given an upgrade on December 1st, 2014 where it got an magazine increase to 24 and an increase to it's total ammo reserve. [1]

[edit] Trivia

  • Although Bad Juju has the appearance of a Scout Rifle, it is classed as a Pulse Rifle.

[edit] References

  1. Destiny Update - 12/01/2014
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