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Concept Art of the Awoken
Home Earth (presumed)
Political & Military
Rank Guardian

Awoken are a playable race in Destiny. Currently, very little is known about them.[1] They have been described as being of "otherworldly origins."[2]


[edit] Appearance

Awoken share many similar characteristics to the Humans, with notable exceptions such as the grey toned skin and and luminescent eyes with glowing irises.

[edit] Characteristics

In the wake of the great Collapse, many sought refuge from the chaos brought by the Darkness and fled to the edge of the Solar System. There, it is said that a convoy of ships populated by Human passengers confronted an unknown event that changed them both physically and mentally. Thus,the Awoken were born.

The Awoken generally believe that those who think in terms of "light" and "darkness" possess an unenlightened view of the universe. For this reason, many decline to choose a side. The majority of the Awoken populace reside in "The Reef", a collection of asteroids and the carcasses of ships, floating in the outer-reaches of the Solar System. Its people are lead by the Queen of The Reef, who is kind to her own but ruthless toward outsiders.

There are, however, Earth-born Awoken; descendants of the few original Awoken who chose to return to Earth to defend their home world. All Earth-born Awoken are treated as outsiders and unwelcomed by The Queen.

[edit] Character Design

Bungie seem to have based the character design off mythical creatures such as Elves and Vampires. They have been described as "Exotic, beautiful and mysterious".[3]

[edit] Notable Awoken

  • The Queen of The Reef.
  • The Queen's Brother.
  • Master Rahool, a cryptarch in the central plaza of the Tower who will decrypt engrams for a fee as well as sell guardians encrypted engrams that generate weapon, armor or item pieces.
  • Arach Jalaal, a representative of the Dead Orbit faction in the Tower who will sell weapons, armor and emblems for Guardians to use inside the Crucible.

[edit] References

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