Abilities are the skills used by the Guardians in Destiny. The abilities granted to the Guardian are dependent on their class, and by extent the class-specific subclass attached to the class. All of the abilities useable by the Guardians are gifted to them by the Traveler.

The abilities available to the Guardians are determined by the subclass they use, in turn the abilities available to them are class based and can be upgraded and unlocked the stronger the Guardians become through leveling and gaining EXP.

[edit] Ability Types

Each ability is classified by what the function of the ability is, each ability is defined under their appropriate categorization.

Type Description
Movement Ability These are abilities that directly affect the movement of the Guardian, such as Glide, teleport, or jump abilities like Double-jump.
Melee Ability Bonuses that affect the Guardian's damage capabilities and melee attacks.
Passive Ability Defensive based or strategic abilities used to help the Guardian that remain active at all times.
Super Ability The strongest abilities of a particular subclass that allow the Guardian to use powerful offensive, defensive or passive abilities.

[edit] Abilities

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Ability Class Type Subclass
Arc Blade Hunter Super Ability Unknown
Fist of Havoc Titan Super Ability Unknown
Ghost Gun Hunter Super Ability Gunslinger
Glide Warlock Movement Ability Unknown
Nova Bomb Warlock Super Ability Voidwalker
Radiance Warlock Super Ability Firesinger
Solar Flare Warlock Super Ability Unknown

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