Weapons are the primary source of in which players of Destiny can inflict damage on their surroundings and enemies. As a game of the first-person shooter genre the weapons in Destiny are the core mechanic of it's gameplay. There are currently 13 types of weapons officially revealed for Destiny which include; Assault Rifles, Auto Rifles, Fusion Rifles, Grenades, Hand Cannons, Machine Guns, Pulse Rifles, Rail Guns, Rocket Launchers, Scout Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles and Melee Weapons. Each of these 13 type of weapons also have at least one class of Exotic-class weapon. Such weapons within this class include, but are not limited to: Fate of All Fools, Thunderlord, Closing Time, Gjallarhorn, Last Word, Red Death and Thorn.

Each Guardian will have three weapon slots in which to carry their weapons; Primary, Secondary and Heavy. Each section will be able to hold 12 weapons within each available slot, making for carrying a total of 36 weapons at any time. The primary slot is the weapons Guardians will use most frequently, such as assault and pulse rifles. Secondary slot is used for more specialised means, such as the use of sniper rifles and shotguns. The third slot is for heavier weapons such as Rocket Launchers and heavy machine guns. The ammo for each of these weapons will similarly be coded into each slot type.

Many weapons, with heavy implication on exotic weapons, will carry with them their own "implied fiction", which bear the details of their creators, subsequent users, where it came from and who would wield it.

Just as with Armor, weapons have a rarity to them having been co-ordinated into four tiers; basic (white), common (green), superior (purple) and exotic (gold).

Certain weapons will be infused with additional properties such as thermal damage, arc damage, etc.


[edit] Weapons

† indicates unveiled during a Destiny Drawing Board post, so is subject to alteration

[edit] Melee Weapons

[edit] Assault Rifles

[edit] Auto Rifles

[edit] Fusion Rifles

[edit] Grenades

[edit] Hand Cannons

[edit] Machine Guns

[edit] Pulse Rifles

[edit] Rail Guns

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[edit] Rocket Launchers

[edit] Scout Rifles

[edit] Shotguns

[edit] Sniper Rifles

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