Super Ability

Warlock using the Super Ability from the Firesinger subclass; Radiance
Super Abilties are abilities that have the capability of massively increasing the offensive, defensive or tactical abilities of a Guardian when unleashed. Each Super Ability is associated with a subclass, which are in turn specifically associated with certain player classes.

Each super has a super meter which will fill over time, this is displayed above the weapon icon on the HUD screen for the player. There are three ways in which a Guardian can fill their meter:

  • Waiting for it to fill up over time
  • Killing enemies
  • Picking up Orbs of Light dropped from ally Guardians

Once the meter has filled to its maximum, it will turn yellow and display the text "SUPERCHARGED" in the middle of the screen, at which point the ability can be used.

[edit] Super Abilities

Super Ability Class Subclass
Arc Blade Hunter
Radiance Warlock Firesinger
Nova Bomb Warlock Voidwalker
Ghost Gun Hunter Gunslinger
Fist of Havoc Titan
Ward of Dawn Titan

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