Sinaa Jaguar 2.1 (Chest Armor)

Sinaa Jaguar 2.1
Sinaa Jaguar 2.1 (Chest Armor).png
Type Chest Armor
Class Uncommon
Guardian Class Hunter
Armor Set Sinaa Jaguar 2.1
Manufacturer Vanguard
Defense 46
Discipline +9
Dropped as Loot? Unknown
Vendor Cayde-6
Price 1 Warping Claw
Someone stripped the lining of insulation - as if they wanted the wearer to be sore and angry.

Sinaa Jaguar 2.1 (Chest Armor) is a piece of Uncommon Hunter-class Chest Armor in Destiny, part of the Sinaa Jaguar 2.1 Armor Set. It can be purchased from the Hunter Vanguard, Cayde-6 in exchange for 1 Warping Claw.

[edit] Upgrades

Upgrade Description
Pulse Rifle Ammo Carry more ammunition for Pulse Rifles.

[edit] Recoloring

Sinaa Jaguar 2.1 (Chest Armor) has a Type 1 Coating which means it can be recolored using Version 1 or newer Shaders.

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