Master Rahool

Master Rahool
Master Rahool.jpg
Species Awoken
Gender Male
Political & Military
Affilation The City
Rank Cryptarch
Appearances Destiny
Crypto-archeologists decode the past and our enemies, seeking new discoveries in matter engrams and artifacts returned by Guardians.

Master Rahool is an Awoken Cryptarch and vendor who appears in Destiny. He resides in central plaza of the The Tower within the last safe city. He will decrypt any Engrams that Guardians find on their adventures around the Sol System, for a fee. As well as decrypting them, he also has a selection of Encrypted Engrams for sale that generate specific armor, weapon or item pieces. One such encrypted engram is offered to the Guardians that have accumulated one or more ranks of reputation with him.

[edit] Personality

Master Rahool holds an profound curiosity for artifacts and relics of the Golden Age, hoping for clues to unlock the time-lost secrets of the Collapse.

[edit] Quotes

"Too noisy? You can't hide in the quiet of the archives all your life."

"Vex encryption. Unbreakable? Ha, so they say."

"See here, this carving? Lion faced, Archon. Thousands of years pre-collapse."

"Found at the foot of the Great Pyramid. 755 feet to a side, 36,506 inches, less than a tenth of a degree from True North. Is that location significant? Ha! Everything's significant."

"What does the manifest say. Late pre-collapse North American it looks like?"

"These are forgeries. Someone is wasting our time!"

"Oh the headache again. I swear it's these symbols, I see them in my dreams!"

"Firefax, from an ancient handheld communications device of the day the Traveler arrived! What a find!"

"Drifting out there, deep beneath dead oceans signaling all the while. And we, the first to crack it."

"Oryx-Dead-King. Oryx Dead King, 3 words, 9 word bursts over and over. Osiris?"

"Brazilian from the morning of the Golden Age. What a hopeful text."

"What does it mean? Signaling 400 years in orbit. No language known in the archives."

"Why a garden? Eden? Hesperides? Hesperides from Hesperus, Venus on Venus? No, no!"

"Urd, Verdandi, Skuld. Old names for Earth, Mars, and Venus in the pre-collapse holy text."

"House Winter, from the ruins of Caracas. Where they there at the Collapse?!"

"A Wind Age, a Wolf Age; a presentiment of the Collapse?"

"I've never seen anything like this. 13 parables, handwritten on the page."

"Russian, from the evening of the Golden Age. Religious text I think."

"Rasputin's fingerprints are all over this data. He doesn't even care if we know."

"Civilization once stretched from the southern tip of this continent, to the frozen North."

"From the North American Empire just before the Collapse. You can tell by the eagles."

[edit] Trivia

  • Master Rahool makes several references to real life religious figures and phrases:
    • Urd, Verandi and Skuld are Old Norse words for "fate", "present" and "future" respectfully. They originate from the Poetic Edda of which he could be referencing.
      • "A wind age, a wolf age" also references the Edda, specifically concerning a poem about the aftermath of Ragnerok.
    • The referenced Hesperides were fairies, or nymphs, who took care of beautiful gardens. They were the daughters of Hesperus, the evening star who is also known as Venus, the planet.
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