The Hunter-class Guardian using the Super Ability for the Gunslinger subclass; Ghost Gun
A lone Wolf who lives for the perfect shot.
- In-game description

Gunslinger is a Hunter-class subclass in Destiny. The Super Ability for this subclass is Ghost Gun, a buff that increases the damage dealt by bullets from the weapons with the ability equipped.

[edit] Abilities

Incendiary Grenade Double Jump Golden Gun Throwing Knife Path Forgotten Scavenger Way of the Drifter Chain of Woe
Swarm Grenade Better Control Deadeye Circle of Life Path Forbidden Keyhole Way of the Fearless Over the Horizon
Tripmine Grenade Triple Jump Combustion Incendiary Blade Path Unknown Gunslinger's Trance Way of the Nomad Gambler's Dagger
Higher Jump Gunfighter Knife Juggler

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