Earth Orbital.jpg
Position Sol, III
Moon(s) Moon
Diameter 12,742 km
Gravity 1.0 G (98 m/s2)
Day Length 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds
Year Length 365.2425 days
Atmosphere .9 atm (N2, O2)
Population Golden Age; billions
Post-Collapse; unknown (near extinct)
Natives Human
Inhabitants Human
Factions Guardians
Forces of the City

Earth is a planet that appears in Destiny and is the primary home of the Human race. After The Golden Age most of the planet now lay in ruins with the exception of The City which is protected by The Traveler from alien invasion. Since then, civilization has boomed in the land below the Traveler with most of the humans now residing behind it's safe walls.

Most of Earth is now ransacked by various alien species, such as The Fallen. However with the help of the mysterious powers of The Traveler, the Guardians are able to keep The City safe and reclaim the land that was lost to them.

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Below is a list of confirmed locations to appear in Earth:

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