Destiny Expansion Pass

The Expansion Pack
The Destiny Expansion Pack]] was released on September 9, 2014 along with the release of Destiny and was included in all three pre-order editions of the game; the Destiny Limited Edition, the Destiny Ghost Edition, and the Destiny Digital Edition. Each of the two expansions they contain; "The Dark Below" and "House of Wolves" retail usually at $34.99.

[edit] Description

Expand your Destiny adventure with brand new Story Missions, cooperative activities, competitive multiplayer arenas, and all wealth of all new weapons, armor, and gear to earn. The Destiny Expansion Pass includes Destiny Expansion I: "The Dark Below" and Destiny Expansion II: "House of Wolves." In "The Dark Below," you'll discover an ancient tomb has been unsealed. Beneath the surface of the Moon, a dark god has answered centuries of prayer, and a dark army has risen. Explore the true depths of the Hellmouth. Stop the dark Hive ritual and survive.

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