Species Exo
Gender Male
Political & Military
Class Hunter
Rank Vanguard
Appearances Destiny

Cayde-6 is a Vendor located in the Tower. He is an Exo Hunter, and Vanguard of the Hunter-class, who will sell Hunter Armor, weapons and Emblems to Guardians.

[edit] Personality

Despite his role as a mentor to the Guardians, Cayde-6 is always anxious for adventure and would rather be back on the battlefield himself instead of offering guidance from the sidelines. His penchant for adventure and inability to turn down the challenge has put him in unfavorable odds in the past. One such account is the notorious Vanguard Dare - a bet which he unfortunately did not win.

[edit] Quotes

"Yeah, that was a Wolf's Blade from the Reef. So what's their game?"

"I've got to get out of this Tower and back out there."

"Ugh, should be out there myself."

"I need to know what happened on that Moon."

[edit] Gallery

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