Arcite 99-40

Arcite 99-40
Arcite 99-40.png
Title Crucible Quartermaster
Species Robot
Gender Male
Appearances Destiny
No discounts, big shot.

Arcite 99-40 is a character and vendor that appears in Destiny. He is a Robot male with the title "Crucible Quartermaster". He will exchange materials Guardians find on the field for Glimmer and Crucible Marks, and sells vehicles that can be used inside the Crucible.

[edit] Personality

Once one of Lord Shaxx's personal Combat Frames, Arcite has been reprogrammed to more civil protocols. His brash demeanor was developed after being in extended company of his master over the years. His previous function as a combat type makes him well qualified to advise Guardians on weaponry and armor choices.

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